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Slow News Week
::Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Apr 10, 2014

Bill Rieflin is interviewed about his work in Slow Music and The Humans here
ahead of Slow Music and The Humans gigs in Seattle next week.

Slow Music Next Month
::Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Mar 25, 2014

Slow Music take to the stage next month. Tickets for the two nights at the Triple Door can be found here. The Doug Fir show tickets can be obtained here. Don't forget you can download all six shows the team did back in 2006.

Slow Music Tour Bundle
::Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Oct 21, 2013

Following a request from Nara of Brazil, Mister Stormy has created a tour bundle for the six concerts by Slow Music from their 2006 tour. The ensemble was led by none other than new King Crimson member Bill Rieflin on keyboards, and as well as featuring Robert Fripp in its ranks also had REM's Pete Buck playing glissando guitar. All six show are now available $44.95 (FLAC format) and $34.95 in MP3.

Hector Zazou: The Arch
::Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Sep 26, 2012

My thanks to Fred for sending in details about the release of Hector Zazou final album, The Arch. Hector, who died in 2008, was part of the Slow Music project alongside Bill Rieflin, Pete Buck, Fred Chaloner, Matt Chamberlin and Robert Fripp. You can find out more details about The Arch here. 

Final Slow Music Gig Online
::Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., May 4, 2009

The final concert by the Slow Music project goes live today.

It's a great show for fans of collective improvisation with a decidedly European flavour to it - an oddity given the predominant make-up of the band is American. 

Slow Music At The Largo
::Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Sep 15, 2008

Slow Music Project's concert at the Largo Club, Los Angeles is now available for download. The line-up featured Hector Zazou who died last week and is released by way of a small tribute to his life and work. You can read a review of Hector's last album, In The House Of Mirrors, here.  

Hector Zazou Obituary
::Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Sep 10, 2008

There's an obituary of Hector in today's copy of The Independent daily newspaper. 

Bill Rieflin's Tribute To Hector
::Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Sep 9, 2008

Earlier today Slow Music’s director, Bill Rieflin sent this message about Hector Zazou.

"What can be said of a man, particularly one who, somewhere along the way, decided to call himself Hector Zazou?  The name itself says a lot.  initially, i would confuse this name with The Zazou Pitts Orchestra when leafing through the racks at the local Tower Records.

Hector worked a lot; it seemed like he was always working.  I have no idea how he got the work he did, but it was interesting, good work.  Funnily, I was never really sure just how much he actually knew about music.  He probably presented himself this way on purpose - after all, he did attend a prestigious music Conservatoire in Marseilles.  He often communicated melody using solfège; his rhythms were frequently askew to a degree that I found distressing.  His scores ranged from general experimental-type instruction scores to exceptionally difficult and detailed scores for strings and woodwinds.  He also loved The Shadows.  Yes, twangy guitar.

Hector liked me and I was included in many of his projects, for which I am grateful. Because of him I worked with many exceptional musicians, one being Caroline Lavelle, who played an exquisite cello solo on the Rieflin/Connelly record ’Largo.’ Hector offered and provided some very interesting, memorable, and meaningful opportunities and experiences.  I’m glad I was able to repay this by including him in the Slow Music project.  His role here was something like Wild Card, Pointed Stick, Thorn in Side.  Hector.  It’s in the name.

"On a more personal note, I am thankful for the two visits I made to see him at the hospital over the last few months, courtesy of being in a touring rock band.  I otherwise, most likely, would have missed him."

Hector Zazou
::Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Sep 9, 2008

Reports are coming in that Hector Zazou has died. The composer / musician worked with many leading figures in the music industry but will probably be best known in Crimson circles for his time with the Slow Music project. You can read more about Hector here.  The team at DGMLive would like to express their condolences to Hector’s friends and family. 

Accelerate With Bill
::Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Apr 1, 2008

Good to see that Bill Rieflin is getting some recognition for his work in REM. Here's a review of the new album, Accelerate in which his contribution is duly noted. 

Good Evening Seattle From Slow Music
::Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Mar 31, 2008

As REM prepare to barn-storm their way around the stadiums of the world, we have a show feature two members of the group in far more modest surroundings - Slow Music in Seattle's Showbox.

It's interesting how your perspectives change with time. When I first played this concert way back in 2006 my notes tell me that I wasn't overly struck with what was going on.

A couple of years on, having spent a good portion of yesterday with the ensemble percolating gently (and not so gently) in the background, the Slow magic worked its spell far more persuasively than Bill Rieflin or I gave it credit for back in 2006 (as you can read on my blog entry at the time)

Say Hello To Some Slow Music
::Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Jan 18, 2008

It’s cheesecake all round as Slow Music make their DGMLive debut today. Alex has chosen the first date from their West Coast outing in 2006 and its a humdinger of quiet improvisation. I’ve been reliving this one on heavy rotation for the last week. You can read my take on this one over on the blog.

Slow Music On Their Way
::Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Jul 12, 2007

All of the gigs by Slow Music are being readied for download on DGMLive.  Alex "Stormy" Mundy has been preparing the concerts undertaken by the so-called ambient music supergroup" in May 2006.  They'll be appearing on DGMLive in the next few weeks.  More details as we get them.

Happy & Not So Happy
::Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., May 30, 2006

Here are some comments from some folks who have recently been to Slow Music gigs. 
Fun4Liz and a certain guitarist.
and someone who was less than pleased with what they heard.

Slow Music Pics Aplenty
::Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., May 26, 2006

Robert has updated his diary detailing the Slow Music gig at the Largo and the Coach House.

Bill On The Blower
::Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., May 22, 2006

On the blower with Slow Music director, Bill Rieflin tonight.  Bill phoned to confirm that the session at the Crocodile from December will be going online at DGMLive.  He mentioned that selected dates from the recent West coast tour are scheduled to go online “once they’ve been listened to and recommendations made – we're hoping June” said Bill.  Variety recently ran this review of the Slow Music gig at the El Rey.

Slow Music Takes on Hollywood
::Posted by webmaster on Mon., May 15, 2006

Slow Music completed their tour of the West Coast this past weekend with a performance at El Rey in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Reporter has this take on the performance.

From the article: The improvisational and experimental concept of Slow Music threatened to be nothing more than a muso wank-off, but it never was. Rather, it was oddly calming, meditative and a true sound alternative.

Slow Music Supergroup In "Soothing Rewards" Controversy
::Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., May 15, 2006

The LA Times had this to say about the Slow Music gig at the El Rey 

Slow In El Rey LA
::Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., May 14, 2006

Percolating in the blogosphere - this review of the boys in LA by Penston. 

Slow In Seattle & SF
::Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., May 13, 2006

Find out what Bill Rieflin hamming it up beside a swimming pool and Goldfrapp have in common.  Yes folks, Robert has updated his diary as the Slow Music boys head into San Francisco.

Over on my blog Charly from SJ had left the following comments about the SF gig.

One point of reference (beyond the Fripp-centric one to Index of Metals) that struck me was to Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Band collaborations. I was also fortunate to attend a live performance of one of those incarnations, and the intensity -- even when, paradoxically enough, the individuals were silent -- reminded me of the vibe expressed at the SF gig.

I also found the audience's role in determining each set's end was unusual. I feel that in both cases the musicians were prepared to continue performing but instead ended when applause started and soon gathered throughout the audience.

During the performance I also had a notion of John Cage -- and how the delicate portions of the performance competed (and perhaps even meshed in some way?) with the ambient sounds of the venue -- a rhythmic machine-sound from the kitchen area behind stage, the walking of staff past my seat, the creak of selected floorboards, the muffled klink of bottles in the bar...

Highly intriguing -- and most important to me, very, very enjoyable.

Slow Music – Some Recent Correspondence
::Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., May 10, 2006

Dear Bill,

How’s it going?...

Dear sid,

From the director’s chair (which, as of this typing, is a bed in red bluff, California, en route to San Francisco), I can say that the first gig was an unparallelogramed success.  The slow mosh in the pit was in a state of constant deceleration.  For a moment I was excited about having a film projected on us (light show style) about a recently revealed Nixon informant, but we had only the film - no projector.  And, as it turns out, I can’t read maps.  Sorry - what was your question?

yours ever truly,


Dear Bull,
Thanks for shedding the blinding light of Rieflin clarity on this obscure topic.

Fripp Slow Music Pix
::Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., May 10, 2006

Robert Fripp has updated his diary to include some behind the scenes pictures from the Slow Music gang in Portland

Slow Music’s Good Vibrations In Seattle Makes Brian Wilson Smile
::Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., May 9, 2006

There was a comment left over on my blog left by Brian Wilson about Slow Music’s gig in Seattle on the 6th May.  I thought it’d be worth sharing with a wider audience here at DGMLive.

“I must agree with your assessment of the "Croc" disc and I can only hope it reaches some form of wider distribution. I picked up a copy this past Saturday, as I was lucky enough to attend the Slow Music performance at the Showbox here in Seattle. What a great show! The local Guitar Circle opened the festivities with a 30-min tuning of the air encircling the audience.

Mr. Fripp was actually out and about on the floor of the venue, apparently checking out the vibes of the space. There was a seamless segue into the main performance.

The Slow boys did 2 sets of roughly 45 minutes each. Very open and probing. Lots of eye contact and smiles amongst the band members. Difficult to tell who was playing what at times, and very loud at points.

After a major crescendo at the end of the 2nd set, all players' eyes were on each other to see where to go next. The brief pause was interrupted by a loud "yeah!" from an enthusiast in the area of the bar. This convinced the musicians that they had found a good stopping point.

Rieflin's comments from the stage were humorous and self-deprecating, leaving us with 'thank you very much for coming, and I hope it was worth it...'"

Thanks to Brian for this.  Any other reviews or thoughts? Send them in.

Live At The Croc Album Review
::Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., May 8, 2006

A copy of the Slow Music album arrived at the Yellow Room over the weekend.  You can read my review over on the blog.  The message from the director of Slow Music that accompanied the review copy read "Hope you like it. If not, lie." No fibs needed. If you don't want to read the review then the quick version is - very tasty indeed.

Slow Music: A Doctor Writes
::Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., May 8, 2006

Thanks to Dr Engel for sending in the following account of the middle-aged hell-raising phenomenon that is Slow Music in Portland.

 "Glorious !! Front row center, able to see all the glances and emotions .. both of artists listening and performing. And how great is Fred Chalenor !!!!

Two long sets (approaching 60 minutes each). First set with Fred and Robert in the main voice, with Hector wrapping things up with a sonic crescendo. Second piece had percussive interplay (and I mean play) between Matt and Bill, Hector’s sonic painting and Peter demonstrating that nice things CAN be done to guitar strings with a plastic fork.

The two hours seemed like 30 minutes, yet I was very satisfied by the quaintity (and quality).

Thanks to Fred,Robert,Hector,Matt, Peter and especially Bill for instigating Slow Music."

Fripp "Having Fun" Shock Horror!!!!
::Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., May 7, 2006

I was wondering how Slow Music were getting on and so dropped an email to Robert to find out. Here’s what he had to say: “Sid - on the basis of playing two sets for two evenings,I can confirm that the music is slow. For my part, I'm having fun & enjoying playing - immensely. Things move a lot quicker in Mission Impossible III.”  This news posting will self destruct in five seconds…

Slow Music Artwork
::Posted by webmaster on Sun., May 7, 2006

Slow Music has commissioned a poster which is for sale at the current shows.

Slow Music Poster by Brad Klausen
View a large version of the poster

The artwork was created by poster artist Brad Klausen. Brad’s work is featured prominently at the Pearl Jam web site, and on their posters.

Slow Music "Supergroup" in Billboard
::Posted by webmaster on Mon., May 1, 2006

MSNBC is running a Billboard interview with Bill Rieflin. The article discusses the upcoming Slow Music tour as well as the possibility of future touring and a future CD release.

From the article: “We’re taking it one step at a time,” Rieflin said. “We did one show last October. Everyone was very excited about it, so the next step is to jog down the coast, and if everyone is still talking to each other at the end of that, we’ll see if we can take it somewhere else.”

Sample Slow Music
::Posted by webmaster on Thu., Apr 27, 2006

Listen to three teaser tracks of Slow Music.

Each clip comes from the first set of the October 19, 2005 performance, which makes up the Live at the Croc CD. The CD will be available for purchase at the upcoming shows.

Some folks have inquired about the future availability of the CD. Bill Rieflin responds, "This specific package/edition is available only at the gigs. Later on down the road something else may appear, but it won’t be the same."

So, if you’re going to one of the West Coast tour dates be sure to grab a copy while they’re available.

Slow Music on JamBase
::Posted by webmaster on Tue., Apr 11, 2006 has an interview with Bill Rieflin discussing the genesis of the slow music project and the Crocodile Cafe gig.

From the article: "I was quite surprised to find that, after the show, while I was occupied breaking down my gear, the others were in the dressing room excitedly discussing the possibility of future performances."

Read the full article.

Live at the Croc
::Posted by webmaster on Mon., Apr 10, 2006

A limited issue CD release of Slow Music will be for sale at the upcoming shows.

Live at the Croc was recorded during the first set of the Slow Music performance October 19, 2005 at the Crocodile Club in Seattle.

Slow Music Tour
::Posted by webmaster on Thu., Mar 30, 2006

Dates have been scheduled for Slow Music to tour the U.S. west coast in May.

More dates are planned so stay tuned for further announcements.